Harte Fitness FAQs

How do I pay for Training?
Through Venmo or Paypal

Where do we train?
At your apartment complex, home, or at a Private Personal Training Studio near you.

How do I keep Track of my food intake?
MyFitnesspal (app)

How do I learn proper form when not training with William?
Trainerize (app)

How fast will I see results?
Usually within 4 weeks.

How long do you recommend I train with William for?
At least 3 months for optimal results and to learn the Fitness Lifestyle (90 Day Programs)

How do I meal prep my meals?
You take 2-3 hours on one day during week (Wednesday) and Sunday to prep. Or you do it all in one day on Sunday.

Do I need to follow the nutrition plan the whole time training?
For optimal results, yes. Leniency is for after the program.

Can I eat out when on the program?
Yes. As long as your choosing something similar in calories and macros for your meal out.

Will I achieve higher self-esteem?
Almost always

What happens if I get too jacked?
Buy bigger shirts… Sorry bros.

What happens if I get too sexy?
More dates… Sorry ladies.

What happens when I finally figure out how to control how I look?

How do I set up a time to talk to William for Training?
You can use the Planner below.


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